Accordion, yoga and audience participation – of course

Copenhagen · Musician Andreas Borregaard continues to explore the musical possibilities of the accordion. At the KLANG Festival he will do a series of concerts featuring creative pieces by a handful of Edition·S composers.

Photo: Thor Brødreskift

Andreas Borregaard, the accordionist, wants to engage with his audience.

In a recent interview with the new music magazine Seismograf, Borregaard tells of his preparations for the upcoming four concerts at the KLANG Festival – four concerts that will present pieces written for both accordion and the accordionist’s body.

“On stage I’m moving around a lot, getting into yoga poses, jumping and all sorts of stuff,” he tells the interviewer.

One of the pieces, Niels Rønsholdt’s Until nothing left (2017), is composed “for accordion solo, performing accordionist, objects and audience”. Borregaard premiered Until nothing left at the Borealis Festival in Norway earlier this year, but this will be the Danish premiere of Rønsholdt’s imaginative work.

Dissolving into nothing
Other pieces for solo accordion performed by Andreas Borregaard at this year’s KLANG Festival include Nicolai Worsaae’s Upon Your Body I’m Crawling (2012, also featuring harmonica) and the world premiere of Simon Steen-Andersen’s Asthma (2017), which also makes use of video.

Borregaard will also team up with the Berlin-based string quartet Sonar Quartett. Together they will world premiere Worsaae’s Partita (2017) and Li-Ying Wu’s Dissolved Voices (2017). “Clear and pure melodic lines will be broken apart,” Wu tells of her piece, “until, in the end, they disappear completely – either drowned in the noise from other sounds or dissolved into nothing.”

Solo-Act 1 | Monday, 29 May, 22.00
Works by Worsaae, Steen-Andersen
KoncertKirken, Blågårds Plads 6, CPH N
Tickets: 100/70 DKK

Sonar Quartett + Andreas Borregaard | Thursday, 1 June, 20.00
Works by Wu, Worsaae and others
Tickets: 100/70 DKK

Solo-Act 3 | Saturday, 3 June, 21.30
Rønsholdt: Until nothing left
Tickets: 100/70 DKK