Album release · Ejnar Kanding - Textures & Mosaics II'

Ejnar Kanding's 'Textures & Mosaics II' is released today in a recording by ACME String Quartet.

Textures & Mosaics is music for string quartet and live electronics (MaxMSP) composed by Ejnar Kanding. The pieces express a nordic atmosphere which is underlined in the subtitles Obscure Transparence and Sensitive Shades.

Obscure Transparence refers to the morning fog covering a marsh during sunrise as the sun slowly penetrates and the light is separated into a plentitude of dancing drops. Sensitive Shades can picture the richness of the colours in the sky of a melancholic sunset. The music is progressive uniting electronic and acoustic sound in complex textures, bodily energy, and delicate simplicity. It pushes the boundaries of the beautiful and insists on being static in a way in which it leans toward the dark ambient music genre.

The ambient and the static are explored through complex or multifaceted textures. Every movement focuses on either texture or mosaic in its essence. The texture-pieces are characterized by a conjunctive line in a multi-layered structure while the mosaic movements (Mosaico) focus on isolated fragments, appearing in diverse surroundings or merely existing as a purpose on its own. 

Textures & Mosaics is recorded by ACME String Quartet (NYC) in Bunker Studio, Brooklyn, May 2019. Production, mix, and master by Ejnar Kanding. The music is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.

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