All-in on solo cello at CPH LiteraturHaus

Copenhagen · Cellist Alexandra Hallén presents a variety of contemporary works for acoustic and amplified cello this Sunday at LiteraturHaus.

Rune Glerup. Photo: Caroline Bittencourt

Calling all cello fans!

This Sunday at LiteraturHaus in Copenhagen, Swedish cellist Alexandra Hallén will perform a wonderful selection of contemporary cello pieces, including – hence the “wonderful” part – a handful written by Edition·S composers.

The concert – titled “Destruct[urat]ion” – takes its name from Rune Glerup’s 2009 piece Destruct[urat]ion #4, which will of course be performed by Hallén, who also plays Jexper Holmen’s short Vespa Crabro (2004) with its wasp-imitating amplified sound.

The LiteraturHaus concert will also feature solo cello pieces by Lars Kynde, Christian Winther Christensen and Lasse Schwanenflügel Piasecki.

Destruct[urat]ion, Sunday, 7 May, 20:00
Møllegade 7, 2200 CPH N
Tickets: 75/50 DKK