Allan Gravgaard Madsen Concert Grosso video

“The piece has a way of being warm and expressive and calming, but also exhilarating and full of energy and almost wild and out of control.” – John Pickford Richards, JACK Quartet

In May 2022 JACK Quartet, Aarhus Symphony Orchestra and Ryan Bancroft premiered Allan Gravgaard Madsen’s Concerto Grosso

In this short video, the composer, the conductor and one of the soloists, talks about their collaboration, the characteristics of the work, its creation and some of the ideas behind it.

Concerto Grosso was commissioned by Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, where Allan Gravgaard Madsen is composer in residence, and he has worked together with JACK Quartet as well as Ryan Bancroft. In the video, Ryan Bancroft speaks about performing contemporary music, and says “for me, to be able to be working with living artists, with living music, essentially making history – I’m obsessed with it." 

Allan Gravgaard Madsen explains that he is hoping to take the audience to a place they did not expect to go: “Through the first and second movements, I have earned their trust, so that they dare to follow me to the third movement and especially the fourth movement which is where it all starts to go a little crazy.”

Follow Allan Gravgaard Madsen all the way through the four movements of Concerto Grosso right here.  

Concerto Grosso is commissioned by Aarhus Symfoniorkester with support from Statens Kunstfond kunstfond , Dansk Komponistforening and Koda Kultur. The videos are produced by Format: Film. 
The project is supported by KODA Kultur.