Allan Gravgaard Madsen · Concert video

The Danish premiere of Allan Gravgaard Madsen's 'SUITE' took place in November last year at KLANG Festival. The concert with ensemble recherche is now available online.

“The merged movements appear as a mix of past, present and future, of traditional and experimenting classical music as well as electronic music/sound art”
Allan Gravgaard Madsen

Allan Gravgaard Madsen has been collaborating with the widely acclaimed German Ensemble recherche since 2013 and at KLANG Festival 2020 they performed his SUITEfor the first time in Denmark. SUITE is a continuation of the tradition of Johann Sebastian Bach's Orchestral Suites, and simultaneously with the performance the piece was recomposed by Morten Riis’ Electro Mechanical Loudspeaker Orchestra.

Morten Riis: Suite for Electro Mechanical Loudspeaker Orchestra
Allan Gravgaard Madsen: SUITE performed by ensemble recherche