Allan Gravgaard Madsen · Nachtmusik · Album release

'Nachtmusik' by Allan Gravgaard Madsen is released on a new album with Christina Åstrand, Per Salo, and the Danish National SO by Dacapo Records.

Album cover of Nachtmusik · For Violin and Orchestra / Dacapo Records

On Friday 13 December the album Nachtmusik · For Violin and Orchestra was released by Dacapo Records, presenting Allan Gravgaard Madsen's Nachtmusik and Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen For Violin and Orchestra

Nachtmusik was released by Edition·S earlier this year premiering September 5th in the Danish National Radio's concert hall. Before the premiere, Madsen explained his initial inspirations on creating the piece.

"All in all, the night has always fascinated me because the night can make things seem clearer and give new meaning to things, that you don't notice during day time,"

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Allan Gravgaard Madsen's Nachtmusik is written for the Danish violinist and concertmaster of Danish National Symphony Orchestra, Christina Åstrand, who was nominated for the Nordic Council Music Prize this year. She is the soloist on the recording of both concertos, accompanied by her duo partner, pianist Per Salo. Both works are recorded by the Danish National Symphony Orchestra and conductors Ryan Bancroft (Nachtmusik) and Nicholas Collon (For Violin and Orchestra).

Nachtmusik was well received by the press. The classical music blog Concertanten wrote: “Bravo, Allan Gravgaard Madsen!”, and the classical magazine Klassisk said: “I hear the music as an explanation of the darker sides of the soul - more specifically the inner life of Allan Gravgaard Madsen put into music".

Moreover, Allan Gravgaard Masen received the prestigious award from the Danish Arts Foundation as "best music in 2019" for Nachtmusik, who wrote the following in their motivation:

"Allan Gravgaard Madsen has created a deeply fascinating work, which unfolds with a compositional control and an unrestrained tonal beauty that can only evoke enthusiasm.”

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Artist talk on Nachtmusik with Duo Åstrand/Salo and Gravgaard Madsen at the album release reception

The album available as CD and downloads in Dacapo's webshop, and from Friday on all streaming platforms. Listen here