Artist Anne La Berge joins Edition·S this October

During the month of October, the Dutch-American flutist/improviser/composer Anne La Berge joins Edition·S as artist-in-residence.

Anne La Berge’s career stretches across international and stylistic boundaries. She is internationally renowned for a ferocious and far-reaching virtuosity, a penchant for improvising delicately spun microtonal textures and melodies, her wholly unique array of powerfully percussive flute effects, all combined with cutting edge electronics. Many of her compositions involve her own participation, though she has produced works intended solely for other performers, usually involving guided improvisation.

La Berge’s own music has evolved in parallel, and the flute has become only one element in a sound world that includes computer samples, the use of spoken text and electronic processing. The last few years her work has developed into including self-penned enigmatic short stories, which slide seamlessly in and out of her compositions and improvisations. In addition to creating her own work, she regularly performs in other artists’ projects in a range of settings from modern chamber music to improvised electronic music.

La Berge is famous for working with live electronica and was the first to get her MaxMSP patches ‘published’ in Holland (as a special project with the publisher Donemus) as one would a regular music score. She has a talent for describing the technical aspects of MaxMSP patches in a way that others can easily understand how to use them as well as communicating the compositional and artistic thoughts behind them. This has resulted in a number of works that consist solely of a MaxMSP patch, to be played either independently or in live set-ups with instruments.

During her stay in Denmark, Edition·S composers will have the privilege of taking part in a seminar led by La Berge that deals with making Max patches accessible to a wide range of users. For more information contact Kat Jarby.

Anne La Berge appears as artist-in-residence with Edition·S – music¬sound¬art in partnership with SNYK and supported through the DIVA Programme under the Danish Arts Council