Austrian Premiere of Gunnar Berg’s Frise I-VII

Friday June 14, 2013 Gunnar Berg’s Frise I-VII will have its Austrian premiere when the Austrian Composers’ Society celebrates their 100th anniversary.

From Monday June 10 to Monday June 17, 2013 the Austrian Composers’ Society hosts a festival celebrating their 100th anniversary. The programme is filled with contemporary music from all over the world: 93 composers, 12 concerts and a symposium – from pop to classical music performed at 8 different locations. Amongst those is Gunnar Berg’s Frise I-VII.

Berg’s Frise I-VII had its world premiere on May 17, 1961 when the work was performed at the newly opened Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk, Denmark. Danish conductor Larvard Friisholm (1912-1999) commissioned the work from Gunnar Berg, who in return dedicated it to him. Now, 52 years later the work will be performed by the European Contemporary Composers’ Society with Oscar Michaelsson on piano and conducted by Min Chungki. The concert takes place in the Mozart Saal in Wiener Konzerthaus Friday June 14, 2013 at 7.30 pm.

About the work
FRISE (Fries – Frieze) consists of seven movements and indeed seven soundscapes, held together by a string of meandering embellishments that can be heard in the two trumpets throughout the work, even if they are silent during the lyrical fifth movement with its nocturnal sounds. The solo piano and the chamber orchestra are not set against each other in fixed roles in this work. Instead, the different ways they will contrast or intermingle, will take the lead or follow up, all serve to provide the basic mood that characterizes each single panel of the frieze.