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Bára Gísladóttir shortlisted for the Royal Philharmonic Society Awards

The Royal Philharmonic Society Awards celebrates excellence and innovation in classical music

The Royal Philharmonic Society Awards celebrates excellence and innovation in classical music.

Bára Gísladóttir is nominated for the Chamber-Scale Composition award for her work Animals of your pasture. The work received its British premiere at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2021, performed by Riot Ensemble. 

At the time, the music blog 5:4 wrote in a review of the performanceAnimals of your pasture was rooted in a landscape of complex, rich harmony. “Landscape” seems entirely the right word for music with soaring, intimidating, jagged peaks – covered with a myriad tiny details – interspersed with sparse, arid wilderness. […] Everything about it was elemental, eternal, indomitable." 

Gísladóttir herself has described the work: "Animals of your pasture is based on the thought of all kinds of animals existing together in a flock that functions as an organism on its own. The piece plays with the idea of following this flock from various angles and views (close up, extreme long shot, in focus, out of focus, in fragments, slow motion, fast forwards, through different textural filters, etc.) on various occasions (running over endless miles of prairies, fighting, dancing, napping, singing, etc.) This concept is intertwined with an unclear thought where wild chaos is allowed to be wild chaos, with no parts stepping in to take or gain control, with no attempts to structure or systemise something that just is." 

The Royal Philharmonic Society nominates artists and composers in 13 categories: Chamber-Scale Composition, Large-Scale Composition, Conductor, Ensemble, Impact, Instrumentalist, Opera and Music Theatre, Series and Events, Singer, Storytelling, Young Artist, Gamechanger and Inspiration. 

The winners of the  Royal Philharmonic Society Awards will be presented on 1 March at the London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall.  

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