Being Apu Sakar at Wundergrund Final Party

We’re right in the middle of SNYK’s Wundergrund Festival and so far there has been a lot of exciting composers, artists and musicians on the programme. At the final party Saturday it will be possible to experience yet another one.

Wundergrund Final Party is being held at Toldboden in Copenhagen, Denmark this Saturday November 3, 2012 at 7 pm. The party begins with a feast accompanied by avant-garde music. During the feast the phenomenal percussionist Ying Hsueh-Chen, will perform Edition·S – music¬­sound¬­art composer Christian Winther Christensen’s work Being Apu Sakar (2009) whilst some of Copenhagen’s superstar chefs serve the food.

Being Apu Sakar is often performed in the context of the composer collective DYGONG. The piece experiments with “alternative”, prepared instruments such as wine glasses and electronics. This is what you need to realise the piece:

The rest of the evening will introduce the British band The Chap and the Iranian-Danish duo Rosemary.

We are sure that will be an unforgettable event!

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The party takes place at

DK- 1259 Copenhagen K

at 7 pm