Bergner and Løffler premieres at Huddersfield Festival

Huddersfield, UK · New and revised works by Ylva Lund Bergner and Simon Løffler are part of the 2017 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival programme.

Ylva Lund Bergner and Simon Løffler. © Ylva Lund Bergner, Lars Svankjær

The Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, which celebrates its 40th edition this year since the beginning in 1978, is the UK’s largest international festival for new and experimental music.

Taking place over ten days and 50 events, HCMF includes concerts, music-theatre, dance, multi-media, talks and film. And this year the festival will also present the world premiere of Ylva Lund Bergner’s ‘viivii’, about which the composer says:

“The title ‘viivii’ has two contrasting meanings of purity and corruption, or in other words, clean and impure. In the piece I look for what’s in between; the small details. I try to find the humane, not focusing on what is black or white. This search for balance creates some turbulence and conflict.

Each time the music goes too far in one direction or another, it has musical consequences such as the violinist closing her eyes while playing or blowing heavily onto the instrument. Everything to find equilibrium again. The search provokes a nervousness in the musician, whose behaviour becomes more and more troubled and desperate. The details of the music once again give balance, not only in the music but also in the violinist.”

Simon Løffler concert
Also part of the 2017 HCMF programme are two Simon Løffler pieces, ‘b’ for three musicians and a new revised version of ‘h’ for four musicians. Løffler says:

“In ‘b’, three musicians play with two parameters: guitar pedals connected to modulate each other, and fluorescent lamps whose static electricity the musicians pass on to each other by touching. My intention was to make one single instrumental body in which the musicians connect through the simplest of body movements (hands and feet).”

And Løffler continues: “’h’ is written for 20 tuning forks, four singing bowls and one rebuilt alarm clock. The piece seeks to explore the expressive potential of a back and forth mechanism of a self-built machine. The machine not only serves to strike all sounding objects, but is also a kind of hypnotic pendulum in its own right.”

Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival takes place 17-26 November.

Ylva Lund Bergner: ‘viivii’
Sunday 19 November 17:00
Phipps Hall, University of Huddersfield
Additional works by Malin Bång and Natasha Barrett
Karin Hellqvist, violin/electronics; Natasha Barrett, live electronics
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Simon Løffler: ‘b’ and ‘h’
Wednesday 22 November 16:00
Phipps Hall, University of Huddersfield
Additional works by Hanna Hartman, Cathy van Eck and Fritz Hauser
We Spoke
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