Birgitte Alsted in podcast series

Birgitte Alsted participates in the podcast ‘Hvert år i oktober’ (Every year in October) revolving around subjects of death, grief and dealing with big feelings in an artistic output.

The programme series in four episodes is produced by the Danish author and radio journalist Rebecca Bach-Lauritsen and takes its starting point in the story about her father’s death 20 years ago. It is a personal and poetic exploration of the relation between reality, memory and story. 

Birgitte Alsted has written a number of works called ‘Sorgsange’ (Songs of Grief) and ‘2 sange til døden’ (2 Songs for Death) which inspired Rebecca Bach-Lauritsen. In the podcast they speaks about dealing with the pain from losing a loved one, how it affected their existence and their artistic production.

In the conversation with Rebecca Bach-Lauritsen Birgitte Alsted tells about her unsuccessful attempts at writing music after the loss of her own father. "I tried for a couple of years, but I couldn't write anything. I was blocked and I couldn't explain why, but it seemed as if my previous sources for writing music had just shut down. In hindsight I guess that I had to give in to my grief."

The podcast series is in Danish and is available at DR LYD. Birgitte Alsted participates in episode 3. Find it here  >>    

The programme will be broadcast on DR P2 on Saturday 13 November at 15.03.

Rebecca Bach-Lauritsen.
Rebecca Bach-Lauritsen.