Black Box Music at Ultima

Primo September the Norwegian Festival Ultima is taking place in Oslo and Edition·S – music¬sound¬art can proudly announce that Simon Steen-Andersen’s new piece Black Box Music (2012) will be performed on the opening night of the festival.

The prominent ensemble Oslo Sinfonietta and the Norwegian percussionist Håkon Stene will perform Black Box music. A piece that was premiered this July in Darmstedt during the International Ferienkurse Für Neue Music.

For the Berlin-based composer, motion and visuals are almost as important for his performance as the music itself, and he has made the entire stage his instrument. Steen-Andersen is describing his work to be “a deconstruction of conducting and puppet theatre as well as a exploration and exploitation of the audio/visual relations inherent in conducting and staging”.

Black Box Music is an excellent example of how Steen-Andersen has created a multi-percussion work that involves not only the pleasure of hearing, but also the privileged of seeing.

For the performance at Ultima only the 1st and 3rd movement are ready. The entire three movements will be premiered at the Huddersfield Festival in November 2012.

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