Borup-Jørgensen album release, concert and composer prize

OUR Recording releases a new album featuring works by Axel Borup-Jørgensen recorded by the Danish guitarist Frederik Munk Larsen.

The new release 'Floating Islands' features a number of solo guitar works. Included on the album is Axel Borup-Jørgensen's dramatic and gestural 'Praeambula' (1974) published by Edition·S. Look through the score of 'Praeambula' here.

"It is quite evident that Axel Borup-Jørgensen was really occupied with the small timbral details that you can produce - on any instrument, but maybe particularly on the guitar," says Frederik Munk Larsen, who has performed a lot of Borup-Jørgensen's music throughout his career.  

Release concert
OUR Recordings and Edition Borup-Jørgensen hosts a release concert in Copenhagen, where Frederik Munk Larsen will play works from the new CD and works written for him by Simon Steen Andersen.

The concert takes place 22 November, on Borup Jørgensen's birthday, which will be celebrated with the announcement of the recipient of the Axel Borup-Jørgensen Composer Prize 2019. The prize is given out every year to a promising, young Danish composer. Previous recipients of the prize include Martin Stauning and Mette Nielsen. 

Read more about the release concert here.