Casper Hernández Cordes 50 years today

Casper Hernández Cordes is centering his artistic research on interactions between human beings and their surroundings. Today the Danish composer turns 50.

Casper Hernández Cordes graduated as a composer from the Royal Danish Academy of Music in 2006. For a number of years he has been involved in electroacoustic music, interactive installations, happenings, performances and workshops, as a means of involving non-musicians in creative, musical creation under the headline “Building Sound Collectives".
Recently, he has found his way back to working with score music.

 Cordes currently works with the idea of the score as a kind of mathematical grid, through which human - and non-human emotion could find their expression. He considers the score as a grid through which the emotions and movements in nature, in humans, and in their interactions could be processed, studied, elaborated, merged. In this process, Cordes uses the piano as a tool for improvisation to open up a process of channeling movements and energies, from nature, from humans and their interactions. These improvisations are used as a basis for compositions, that can take a variety of forms through the hands and life of a performer.

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