Christian Winther Christensen at Donaueschinger Musiktage

Christian Winther Christensen is represented at Donaueschinger Musiktage 2022 with the work Children's Songs. The work is premiered by Ensemble Ascolta Saturday 15 October.

Christian Winther Christensen describes the work: "My work revolves around a children’s universe. It is divided into movements. It is playful and fragile. In some places I use a technique where the musicians play together with a track of pre-recorded material. 

One of my ideas is to integrate sounds related to playing with toys into the live instrumental music, while the music itself contains references to children’s music through time. One of the movements is a large variation movement over a children’s song. 

The musical references are not those of my own childhood, but the universe of children’s music began to fascinate me after I became the father of two children."

Besides from Christian Winther Christensen's Children's Songs, the concert programme includes a world premiere by Rozalie Hirs. The idea of the concert is a questioning of the performance form "concert". Ensemble Ascolta had therefore asked the composers to create two dramaturgically designed concert halves rather than two self-contained pieces.

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