Christian Winther Christensen broadcasts

The weekend brings two different Winther Christensen broadcasts: 'Piano Concerto' and 'Almost in G'.

Photo: Mette Kramer Kristensen
There are two great opportunities to hear works by Christian Winther Christensen from home this upcoming weekend. 

Friday 5 April at 20.03 the 'Piano Concerto' will be broadcast at the German radio station SWR2 in the programme SWR2 Abendkonzert. The live recording is from the premiere by SWR Symphony Orchestra, Rei Nakamura and Brad Lubman at ECLAT festival 2019. 

Find the link for the broadcast here.

At the British radio station BBC Radio 3 the New Music Show will feature the first movement from Christian Winther Christensen's 'Almost in G' recorded by SCENATET and recently released at col legno. 

Find the link for the broadcast here.