Christian Winther Christensen receives large grant

Congratulations to Christian Winther Christensen who receives the large 1-year work grant from the Danish Arts Foundation to continue his artistic development.

“During recent years Christian Winther Christensen has set his mark as one of the most interesting, young composers, with music characterized by great sonic beauty, instrumental imagination and at the same time imbued with a wonderful sense of humour.”

Thus sounds the motivation from the committee for awarding Christian Winther Christensen with the large work grant.

Renowned ensembles throughout Europe play Christian Winther Christensen’s music. Most recently his “Four Hyperrealistic Songs for Quintet” was described as a highlight at Chiffren Biennale – Kieler Tage für neue Musik.”

Earlier this year Christian Winther Christensen’s piece for symphony orchestra, “Chromatische Weltmusik”, got it’s Danish premiere at PULSAR festival, followed by great praise from the critics, where Weekendavisen wrote that his piece:

“…succeeds in a magnificent manner to work epical with small, hushed measures constantly sharpening the listeners attention to structures, stories and quotes.” 

The Danish Arts Foundation currently gives out 312 work grants to Danish composers, songwriters and sound artists, and among these are 7 large 1-year work grants.