Christian Winther Christensen receives the H.C. Lumbye/Agerby grant

Christian Winther Christensen receives the H.C. Lumbye/Agerby grant for making his mark as one of the most prominent names of his generation on the art music scene

Christian Winther Christensen · Photo: Mette Kramer Kristensen

The H.C. Lumbye / Agerby Foundation has chosen composer Christian Winther Christensen to be rewarded the H.C. Lumbye / Agerby Grant 2019 at a price of 60,000 DKKR. 

In the motivation, the H.C. Lumbye / Agerby Foundation wrote:  

The 42-year-old composer Christian Winther Christensen has made his mark as one of the most prominent names of his generations on the art music scene with successful performances in Denmark as well as internationally, the latest performance being his work Piano Concerto (2018) at ECLAT Festival Neue Musik in Stuttgart in February this year. 

The H.C. Lumbye / Agerby board found Christian Winther Christensen particularly worthy of the grant of 2019. Across time and style, he works in the spirit of the founder's, H. C. Lumbye and Aksel Agerby's spirit: He is an artist creating high-quality works who is not afraid on the new and who reaches a wide range audience. 

A deep musicality, technical surplus and unique care for details (and a bit of humour) make Christian Winther Christensen's music a fascinating listen. And despite the complex surface, he always meets the curious listener. 

About the H.C. Lumbye / Agerby Foundation

The H. C. Lumbye grant was established in 1954 as a monument for H. C. Lumbye, and to be given a composer or artist with artistic works in H. C. Lumbye's spirit. Astrid og Aksel Agerby Mindelegatet was established in 1946 to accommodate young practising or creating Danish musicians. In 2014 the two foundations were merged into the H.C. Lumbye / Agerby Foundation. 

CWC is presented the prize 8 October 19:30 

October 8, Christian Winther Christensen will receive the H.C.Lumbye / Agerby Grant at a concert in Frederiksberg Sognehus portraiting the composer. Christensen's works FreundeDark SleepCadanza, and Piano Preludes No. 1, 9 (Premiere) 10 will be performed by the Alexandra Hallén (cello), Mikkel Egelund Nielsen (guitar), Niè Fēi (piano), and Clara Stengaard Hansen (mezzo-soprano).

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Edition·S congratulates Christian Winther Christensen for the grand award. 

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