Contemporary Music Mirrors

Tuesday November 6, 2012, Mono Duo performs the first work in a series of works created by cello player Peter Morrison and Edition·S – music¬sound¬art composer Simon Christensen.

MONO DUO is the name of the collaboration between Morrison and Christensen that aims at developing a series of works for cello, zither and electronics. The work Monody (2012) is the first of many. Peter Morrison normally works at the National Symphony Orchestra and Simon Christensen belongs to the young Danish generation of composers with performances all over the world.

Peter Morrison explains about the concert:
“This is a program of contemporary music mirrors that allows you to touch the inner reflections within yourself, where the music is not just random pieces of abstract sounds, but rather, selected works that connect with each other in a charged, affecting manner, in a way we prefer to call 'vibrations of connected subtleties'. Starting with Arvo Pärt's almost weightless Spiegel Im Spiegel, we segue into Simon Christensen's mesmerising soundscape of colours, bending and blending musical ideas that capture not just his imaginative processes but will ignite yours too, as electronic variants come into play to dance with both cello and zither.”

Morrison ends with:
“Come and hear contemporary music as it wants to be heard: Live, Direct and with You!”

Viktor Wennesz - clarinet
Orsi Fajger - piano

Spiegel: The Mirror That Reflects Within
Tuesday November 6, 2012
At 8 pm
Dag Hammerskjolds Allé 30
DK-2100 Copenhagen Østerbro

60-100 kr.
or 45 minutes before the concert