Danish Composers at Ultima Festival 2011

Ultima festival is the leading festival for contemporary music in the Nordic countries. One of Ultima’s primary objectives is to contribute to offering a broad representation of the contemporary music genre, combining a keen interest in innovation and an awareness of tradition. Since the first festival took place in 1991, Ultima has developed into a well-known and respected European festival.

Therefore we are proud to announce that this year’s Ultima festival programme presents three of Edition·S’ internationally recognized composers; Simon Steen-AndersenJexper Holmen and Martin Stig Andersen.

Simon Steen-Andersen is a leading composer of his generation. He is represented at Ultima Festival 2011 by two works. At the first concert September 10 Study #1 is performed, which will be a part of a concert aimed at better understanding the similarities and differences between Danish and Norwegian music. The other work, his well-known portrait concert On and Off, is performed by Norwegian Ensemble Asamisimasa on September 13.

Jexper Holmen is also represented by two works at Ultima Festival 2011. Two extremely loud, long and unworldly music works: his Medina piece is performed September 16 and represents pure and plain beauty, whereas his love for nature will be expressed by his Oort Cloud composition, which is performed September 17. Martin Stig Andersen's Cosmogyral Echo was concieved as a sort of postlude to Oort Cloud and is featured as so on the cd recording Oort Cloud. At Ultima the two works will be performed together.

The opening ceremony will take place on September 8 at Oslo City Hall.

September 8-17, 2011 in Oslo, Norway
10/9 Simon Steen-Andersen’s Study #1
13/9 Simon Steen-Andersen’s portrait concert On and Off
16/9 Jexper Holmen’s Medina
17/9 Jexper Holmen’s Oort Cloud and Martin Stig Andersen's Cosmogyral Echo