Danish music goes to Paris

It feels as though we have only just taken the Christmas decorations down but already the new year is a looking a busy one for Edition·S.

For this year the French contemporary music group Ensemble 2e2m have as their Composer in Residence our very own Simon Steen-Andersen Their year of association begins at 6pm January 14th at the Cdmc, Place de la Fontaine aux Lions, Paris with a conversation between Steen-Andersen, the composer Niels Rosing-Schow, and the musicologist Martin Kaltenecker, led by the French musicologist Michèle Tosi.
Following what will undoubtedly be a fascinating and wide-ranging discussion around Danish music, members of the ensemble perform Steen-Andersen’s Study for String Instruments (2011).

The second concert of the residency in Paris, on January 16th, sees the ensemble perform History of My Instrument (2011) and give the first performances in France of Chambered Music (2007) and fellow Edition·S composer Christian Winther Christensen’s In My Presence (2009).

The subsequent four concerts of Steen-Andersen’s attachment to the ensemble sees on January 30th multiple performances of Study for String Instrument No.2 (2009), On And Off And To And Fro (2008) on March 13th, performances of Study for String Instrument #1 (2007), Study for String Instrument #2 (2009), and the String Quartet of 1999 on April 10th. And, bringing this series of concerts to closes will be the first performance in France of the unmistakable Black Box Music (2012) on April 30th.