Danish premiere of Songs of Doubt by Niels Rønsholdt

Niels Rønsholdt’s “Songs of Doubt” will have its Danish premiere at SPOR festival 2016.

“Songs of Doubt” is a piece about the moments of important decision and the elements of doubt that inevitably goes with them.

Confronted with big decisions, we tend to look back and forth from that point to see our world in the light of the contexts and consequences of the decision we are about to make – weighing the prospects against the retrospect.

In “Songs of Doubt” the music literally seems to be looking both forward and backward like a Janus head – alternating between expectation and memory. The piece is shaped as a series of very simple songs that undergo the complications of decision – doubt and hesitation.

The piece was commissioned by Intro In Situ and written for solo voice, choir and ondes martenot. At SPOR festival it will be performed by Studium Chorale, Nathalige Forget and Roderik Povel.

See our portrait of Niels Rønsholdt in the film below, in which he also meets with Nathalige Forget who plays the old electronic instrument, ondes martenot.