Denmark enters the Huddersfield Festival 2011

Denmark’s vibrant art music scene is about to enter Britain’s leading contemporary music festival, the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (hcmf//). Edition·S represents five of the Danish composers in the festival programme. We have London Sinfonietta November 19 playing Marula by Jexper Holmen, Niels Rønsholdt in conceptual Fish & Fowl on November 21, Asamisimasa and Simon Steen-Andersen on November 26, and last but not least FIGURA featuring Nicolai Worsaae and Steingrimur Rohloff in concert also on November 26.

In a central role we find Jexper Holmen, who reveals the result of the first year of his two year association with hcmf//, whos Marula for clarinet, viola, violin, cello and electronics is played by London Sinfonietta Chamber Players on November 19.

The Norwegian Ensemble Asamisimasa presents On and Off (Saturday 26 November), a portrait concert of Simon Steen-Andersen. Widely regarded as a leading figure in his generation, Steen-Andersen combines wit and imagination with well-crafted ideas and an awareness of the visual element of music.

FIGURA Ensemble presents a spectrum of work by young Danish composers, among them two newcomers in the Edition·S catalogue, Copenhagen based Nicolai Worsaae and Icelandic-German-Danish Steingrimur Rohloff, who is composer in residence with FIGURA in 2010-2011 (Saturday 26 November).

This major survey of trends in Danish art music is one of the key elements in hcmf// 2011. It is made possible by generous funding and close co-operation with SNYK, Wundergrund Festival, The Danish Arts Council, the Danish Composers Society and the Danish Arts Foundation.

Edition·S composers at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2011
Programme overview:

Nov 19, 7.30 PM: London Sinfonietta, Jexper Holmen
Nov 21, 9.30 PM: Fish & Fowl, Niels Rønsholdt
Nov 26, 11.00 AM: Composer's talk, Simon Steen-Andersen
Nov 26, 3 PM: FIGURA Ensemble, Steingrimur Rohloff, Nicolai Worsaae
Nov 26, 10.30 PM: Asamisimasa, Simon Steen-Andersen