Edition·S at Music China in October

In October 2011 Edition·S participates in Music China, Asia-Pacific’s largest and most prestigious international music event. At the Chinese exhibition we will be showcasing 62 compositions by 27 composers from our catalogue.

Among them are very recent works such as In my presence by Christian Winther Christensen, Divertimento by Rune Glerup, Gesang durch eine Mauer by Nicolai Worsaae, Ouvertures by Simon Steen-Andersen and Miranda by Jexper Holmen.

The historical repertoire is also distinguished represented. Among those works we'll bring to Music China the recent edition of Rued Langgaard’s opera Antikrist dating from 1930, a work which was never recognized during the composer’s lifetime.

Music China takes place in Shanghai on October 11-14 and celebrates in 2011 its 10th edition with what is expeted to be record breaking show. An estimated 50.000 visitors are expected to attend the show which will be packed full of new events to mark the anniversary.