Edition·S at VinterJazz

February 1 to 17, 2013 Copenhagen transforms into a Mecca of jazz music when the annual VinterJazz (Copenhagen Winter Jazz) festival kicks off. This year Edition·S – music¬sound¬art is on the programme as part of the official ILK Music line-up at 5e in the meatpacking district.

Edition·S became a member of the experimenting jazz record label ILK Music in 2011 when the first album of the series ”The E·Sessions” with the composer collective DYGONG as artists was released. The collaboration represents an artistic meeting of the most experimenting parts of the improvised and the notated art music. It is a mutual understanding and recognition of a genre structural transition that continuously influences both the national and international music scene. Edition·S curates a series of albums, which are released by ILK and has now also got the opportunity to curate a concert during Copenhagen Winter Jazz Festival 2013. The concert is an attempt to mix the two worlds live and if successful, will be developed further for the Copenhagen Jazz Festival in the summer of 2013.

The concert introduces a new work by Edition·S composer Simon Christensen, who will perform the work himself together with the vocal duo LIFT (Randi Pontoppidan & Sissel Vera Petersen). All we can reveal now is that the work is written for speakers, swinging microphones, analogue electronics and two vocals. If this sounds interesting please join us for the concert Saturday February 2 at 8 pm at 5e, Kødbyen!

Wundergrund On Tour and Danish Composers’ Society’s 100th Anniversary generously support the concert.