Edition·S composers at KLANG

The concert programme for this year's KLANG festival has been published, and a number of Edition·S composers are represented in concert formats ranging from symphony orchestra to workshops for young music school students.

KLANG promises a visual odyssey in search of human potential in the concert 'KLANG and the incredible!' where Copenhagen Phil will premiere ‘One Song in Three Movements’ by Jeppe Just Christensen.

Jexper Holmen has written a new piece for a sequence in a silent movie, which will be premiered by Copenhagen Piano Quartet at a Talkshow Concert, and Oslo Sinfonietta revisits Thomas Agerfeldt Olesens 'Tonkraftwerk' from 1999. A new string quartet by Simon Christensen will be premiered by Polish NeoQuartet, and a new piece by Ylva Lund Bergner is performed at the concert 'Nordlyd'  focusing on the sound of Nordic languages.

Last but not least composer and teacher Østen Mikal Ore, Edition·S and KLANG festival present KLANG workshops and concerts for music school students and their teachers. The workshops and concerts will revolve around and present works from our ongoing series Educate·S with new compositions aiming at integrating new music in the musical training of children and young musicians.

Sign up for the workshops before 1 May to and read more about the workshop here and the concert here.