Edition·S composers home and abroad

It is another busy week of performances as not only do the virtuoso Jack Quartet come to Denmark to give their take on contemporary Danish works in a series of four concerts, Jesper Koch's Lonesome is premiered in Odense, and Sven Erik Werner's Cæcilie-messe has, at the Viborg Domkirke, the first of two performances this month.

On the international stage, Christian Winther Christensen’s Nachtmusik will be heard in Thessaloniki, Greece in a performance by the dissonArt ensemble on November 9 and Niels Rønsholdt’s Me Quitte, based on a song of Jaques Brel, will no doubt find a receptive audience at November Musik in Belgium on Sunday 10.

And next week, on 11 November, at the Wien Modern Festival, Vienna, Simon Christensen’s Towards Nothingness is performed by PHACE.