Edition·S composers receive Carl Nielsen Grant

The three composers Allan Gravgaard Madsen, Martin Stauning and Mette Nielsen have been awarded the Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen Grant – each receiving DKK 100.000. The grant is given to composers showing a great and promising talent.

Allan Gravgaard Madsen often explores the micro world of sound, in his compositions. He opens up sparse textures in which he draws attention to the physical aspects of the classical instruments: key noises, breathing, the pressure of the bow on the strings.

Earlier this year his work “BEINTA”, co-composed with Anna Katrin Øssursdóttir Egilstrøð, was premiered by Aarhus Symphony Orchestra. “BEINTA” is a large symphonic piece combining sounds from contemporary classical music and alternative pop.

The critic from Politiken gave the concert a five hearts review and called it poignantly beautiful in its simple combination of sound and image, and the critic from Nordjyske wrote:

When the strings droned and the horns roared and the rhythm decreased it was so magnificent that the jaw dropped all the way to the floor. The 40 minutes went by way too fast.”

Renowned ensembles and orchestras worldwide perform Allan Gravgaard Madsen’s music, and he works with artists across genres and disciplines. One of the next upcoming performances of his works will be at UNM festival 2016 in August, where the progressive Norwegian Aksiom ensemble will play his piece “Tanz Suite”.

In Martin Stauning’s music poetic sincerity and the absurd exist alongside each other as part of the same overall musical expression. His work centers on sound itself rather than sound as a representation of abstract ideas.

Most recently his string quartet “Welkende Schalen” was performed at KLANG festival, and was praised by the critics. Politiken wrote: 

"‘Welkende Schalen’ from last year with its fierce bow movements slowly ebbing away, was an obvious, extremely convincing example of a contemporary string quartet without any fuss.”

Earlier this year Martin Stauning was awarded the Axel Borup-Jørgensen Composer Prize 2015 and the Léonie Sonning Scholarship. Also in 2016 his work "Verdorrte Räume" was selected as the Danish contribution to The International Rostrum of Composers.

The upcoming performances of Martin Stauning’s work include the world premiere of ”Îles en Mer d’Argent” commissioned by Danish Chamber Players.