Edition·S Concert at Copenhagen Jazz Festival

On Monday July 8, 2013 Edition·S – music¬sound¬art presents an evening of art music during the 10-day long Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

The evening is a part of ILK Music’s official line-up and presents a unique evening where audiences can experience two times Simon in brand new constellations. First up is Simon Steen-Andersen who is joined by jazz pianist Søren Kjærgaard in an improvised duo for prepared piano, video and joystick. This is followed by Simon Christensen’s Feed Lifting Sound performed by Simon himself and the vocal duo LIFT.

Copenhagen Jazz Festival runs from July 5 to 14, 2013 where the city of Copenhagen turns into a Mecca of jazz music. ILK Music is a regular component with its very own stage at 5e in Kødbyen (the meat packing district), but this year it presents an extra large programme filled with avant-garde music as a celebration of the 10 years the label has existed. ILK promises sizzling music – 10 days, 50 concerts, 95 musicians!

ILK Music and Edition·S’ partnership began in 2011 when the first “The E·Sessions” was released with the composer collective DYGONG as artists. In February 2013 Edition·S curated the first concert at Copenhagen Winter Jazz Festival took place with Simon Christensen and the vocal duo LIFT. This was followed by the release of the second “The E·Sessions” with Line Tjørnhøj as artist in June 2013.


8.30 pm: Simon Steen-Andersen & Søren Kjærgaard impro duo
Art music meets jazz in this very unique improvised duo with joystick, video and prepared piano. The two composers and musicians met each other at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in England in the autumn of 2012 and have only performed together once in Zürich. Experience the two stars at an unusual concert that turns genre definitions upside-down.

Duration: approx. 1 hour
Joystick & video: Simon Steen-Andersen
Prepared piano: Søren Kjærgaard 

10 pm: Simon Christensen feat. LIFT
Composer and musician Simon Christensen’s work is based on Steve Reich's Pendulum Music from 1968, a work entirely based on feedback created by oscillating microphones. Despite this direct reference, the piece is not fluctuating, but constant. The music is substantial and raw, but at the same time seeks the inner soul of the sound. The work is thoroughly composed, structured and saturated with sound. The work had its premiere at Winter Jazz 2013, but can now be experienced in a further developed version.

Duration: approx. 50 min.
Vocal: LIFT
Zither & Electronics: Simon Christensen

The concert evening is generously supported by the DJBFA Festival pool and the Danish Musicians’ Union.