Edition·S experiments with composer portraits

Edition·S – music¬sound¬art is experimenting with different ways of portraying our composers and artists.

Last year, CEO Klaus Ib Jørgensen interviewed various guests, composers, musicians, arrangers etc. at the annual Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival with great success. The interviews were published as short podcasts on our Soundcloud profile.

This year, Niels Rønsholdt has been so kind to let us use him as test case.

During SPOR festival (May 10-13, 2012) head of print & technology Rudiger Meyer talked to Rønsholdt about his new work Me Quitte. The result is a deep conversation between the two gentlemen about music and love. Listen to the conversation on our Soundcloud profile.

Athelas New Music Festival, which ran from May 18 to May 25, 2012, was filled with Edition·S music. Also Rønsholdt was on the programme with another new work called Gloomy Room. Communication intern Signe Lindgren went to the performance and as a result a little video with footage from the performance and comments by Rønsholdt was made. Signe filmed and edited the video herself – watch the result here.

Edition·S will continue to experiment with different formats, so stay updated here or on our Twitter profile.