Edition·S will publish works by Pernille Louise Sejlund

We are very happy to announce that Edition·S will publish works by Pernille Louise Sejlund.

Widely recognised for her engaging and highly imaginative compositional voice, Pernille Louise Sejlund (b. 1979) continues to push musical boundaries while staying playful, open and versatile. 

She uses the term ‘avantgarde light’ as well as minimalism to describe her creative output which embraces works for concert hall, film, theatre and dance, as well as music written for herself as a performer. She welcomes a collaborative and accessible approach to music-making that challenges traditional paradigms of composer/performer relationships and audience interaction.

Her works encompass a sense of presence and intimacy, often with meditative elements, and evoke vivid imagery of an almost cinematic nature, whether that is weightless soap bubbles floating in space (Bubbles, 2010), a slumbering whale murmuring at the bottom of the ocean (Moby Dick, 2007) or the dark silence of Earth’s core (Calling Earth, 2016).

Pernille Louise Sejlund studied composition at The Royal Danish Academy of Music with teachers including Bent Sørensen, Niels Rosing-Schow, Juliana Hodkinson, and Hans Abrahamsen. She has received numerous grants, awards and residencies since the beginning of her career, including the Léonie Sonning Talent Prize in 2014 and The Carl Prize in 2010, and her compositions have been selected for UNM in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark between 2008 and 2011.