Ejnar Kanding and Nordic Noir in New York City

Ejnar Kanding’s work “Sensitive Shades” will be performed in New York City by The American Contemporary Music Ensemble

On Thursday October 6th The American Contemporary Music Ensemble (ACME) performs a concert with music by Danish composers, and Ejnar Kanding’s piece will be performed alongside works by Frans Bak and MBD73 (aka Carsten Bo Eriksen).

The aim of the concert is to capture what the composers call the Nordic “dark sides” or Nordic Noir — music that captures a coolness, calmness, and a mindfulness.

Ejnar Kanding’s music unites electronic and acoustic sound in complex textures, physical energy and delicate simplicity, and he performs his own work together with the ensemble.

Ejnar Kanding describes the work in a short interview: “In Sensitive Shades you will hear something in the same time distant and close; intense and still calm; profound and melancholic. A sensuous voyage to the unknown areas of inner life. A music that acknowledges the diversity of life, pleasure and pain, happiness and sorrow.”

Read the whole interview on the website of (Le) Poisson Rouge.

The venue of the concert, (Le) Poisson Rouge, is a multimedia art cabaret dedicated to the fusion of popular and art cultures in music, film, theater, dance, and fine art.

MBD73 aka Carsten Bo Eriksen: “Memory Pieces” (2011/2016, world premiere)
Frans Bak: “Sound of North” (2016)
Ejnar Kanding: ”Sensitive Shades” (2015)