Ejnar Kanding · from Copenhagen to New York

October sees performances of music by Ejnar Kanding in both Denmark and abroad. On Sunday 11 the pieces Texture 4, “Mosaic 4” and “Mosaic 5” will be performed at LiteraturHaus in Copenhagen.

The week after, on Sunday 17, The American Contemporary Music Ensemble will premiere Kanding's “Hammershøi Pieces – Light in Structure 1–7” at a concert in the Scandinavian House in New York. The concert, which bears the title Hammerhøi: The Light, Space, and Solitude, marks the opening of the first solo exhibition of Hammershøi's works in New York in fifteen years. The pieces by Ejnar Kanding and fellow Danish composer MBD73 aka Carsten Bo Eriksen are to be thought of as musical pictures standing in a contrapuntal relationship to Hammershøi's introspective universe.