Ejnar Kanding headlines new Concordia Festival in Sofia

The first edition of the Concordia Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria, features a great selection of works by Edition·S composer Ejnar Kanding.

Ejnar Kanding. Photo: Anne Sandner

The first edition of Bulgaria’s Concordia Festival for Contemporary Music and Art, which takes place 13-15 October at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, will present works by a handful of Danish composers, including ten works by Ejnar Kanding.

The new festival, founded by the Bulgarian artist Irina-Kalina Goudeva, aims at developing an experimental cross-aesthetic approach with new models of interaction between arts disciplines. Although music will stand at its center of interest, a role equally important will be played by other performing arts including theatre, opera, ballet, literature and visual arts. 

The ten Ejnar Kanding to be performed at the Concordia Festival include ‘Berge des Urleids’ (1998-2001) for solo violin and live electronics, ‘Mosaico 1’ (2013) for cello, piano and live electronics, both of which are available in our web store.

Concordia Festival
13-15 October
Sofia Live Club, National Palace of Culture
Sofia, Bulgaria