Ejnar Kanding World Premiere

Rudersdal Kammersolister will premiere Ejnar Kanding's 'Harmonices Mundi' on Friday 18 February.

Ejnar Kanding's new string quartet Harmonices Mundi (The harmony of the world) is inspired by Johannes Kepler's book with the same title written in Latin in 1599-1619. The composer explains:

"I try to interpret Harmonices Mundi in tones and timbres that can interact with the human consciousness in the present - a spiritual communication so to speak. When Kepler uses the expression harmony, it refers not only to the musical definition but rather a much wider definition including congruence in nature and the mutual impact between celestial bodies and the Earth."

In his interpretation, Kanding works with semi-regular harmonic symmetries and geometrical structures. The musical interpretation is closely connected to a mythological understanding of the five classical planets, the Sun and the Moon.

Harmonices Mundi is dedicated to Rudersdal Kammersolister who will premiere the piece Friday 18 February, 19:00 at a concert in MillFactory NuVenue in Copenhagen.

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