Enigmatic premiere and more at Suså

This year’s Suså Festival takes place 2-4 September, and presents contemporary music by 31 composers from Denmark and abroad – including a number of Edition·S composers.

Friday September 2nd Snow Mask Trio will perform Birgitte Alsted’s “Frosty Hotspots” and TRIO vis-á-vis from Stuttgart performs Nicolai Worsaae’s "Replication #1"

On Saturday September 3rd Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen will perform Martin Stauning’s "Verdorrte Räume". See the interview with Martin Stauning from when he received the Axel Borup-Jørgensen composer prize earlier this year. 

Athelas Sinfonietta will also perform Rune Glerup’s “Divertimento” written for the ‘in-between’ size of a sinfonietta, about which the composer has said: “It was my intention to write a piece that contains the paradox that emerges from the light but intimate chamber music, and, at the same time, the orchestra’s larger and maybe even more serious gestures.“

At this concert Rune Glerup will talk more about his music in a live interview with journalist Max Fage-Petersen.

Saturday at Suså Festival also brings the premiere of Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm’s “Sphinx”, comissioned by Athelas. The piece is described by it’s lack of description, only revealing its content when it is heard – thus living up to its enigmatic name. 

On Sunday September 5th, the Norwegian string quartet Cikada will perform Christian Winther Christensen’s "String Quartet" and later that afternoon, more pieces by Stauning and Nordstrøm are on the programme: Stauning’s "Atmende Steine" and Nordstrøm’s "String Quartet nr. 3" (“The Norwegian”). 

Suså Festival takes place in Næstved, and has been a platform for contemporary Danish art music since 1993.  See the full programme of the festival.