Evagoras Apokidis World Premiere

Evagoras Solias Apokidis' work Morphes is premiered by the RDAM Symphony Orchestra conducted by Thomas Søndergård on 26 November at the RDAM Annual Gala Concert.

On the occasion of the annual PULSAR festival arranged by the Royal Danish Academy of Music, Edition·S publish works by composition students to be premiered by the Danish National Symphony Orchestra. 

This year one of the works will be premiered ahead of the festival. Evagoras Solias Apokidis' work Morphes is premiered by the RDAM Symphony Orchestra conducted by Thomas Søndergård on 26 November at the RDAM Annual Gala Concert.

Apokidis tells about the piece: "The title of my piece “morphes” translates to figures. The idea is that there are fragments of a piece that appear and disappear throughout; the order is not linear as these fragments appear in different time points and can be in their initial, latter, or developing form. If I were to reconstruct the piece in its “original” form then it would start from nothing (air sounds) and end at a cluster in the highest dynamic possible, that being said, and although that is exactly how the piece starts and ends the progress in between is broken; fragments are placed in different points in the piece while there is always some kind of ambient “music” that stays unaffected and connects these parts."

PULSAR Festival takes place in March 2022, and on 11 March the Danish National Symphony Orchestra performs Evagoras Solias Apokidis' Morphes together with the world premieres of Adrianna Kubica-Cypek's Reflection Nebulae, Marcela Lucatelli's RGBW and the Danish premiere of Simon Steen-Andersen's TRIO.