Examples of Dust in Paris

Thursday October 4 at 8 pm an entire year of hard work will be redeemed when the prestigious Ensemble Intercontemporain premieres Rune Glerup’s new work.

Exactly one year ago the young composer Rune Glerup was chosen as one of the few students at IRCAM who got the opportunity to realize a larger project at the legendary electronic music institute. In close collaboration with IRCAM’s production department Rune has composed a piece for chamber orchestra and live electronics, which is premiered next week at Centre Pompidou in Paris.

The new work is called Examples of Dust and has the duration of about 16 minutes. Rune has carefully planned out all the details of the work – down to the seating of the orchestra:

“Flute 1, clarinet 1, trumpet 1, piano 1, violin 1 and cello 1 are all equipped with a microphone, and their sound is treated in the computer before it is sent out of the loudspeakers, each of which should be placed very near the mic'ed instruments as illustrated in the diagram below. Except for piano 1, all of the mic'ed instruments are also equipped with a pedal, which is used to influence the electronic sounds.”

… and to the design of stage lighting:

“Toward the end of the piece, the light should be faded down and then up again according to the indications in the score - 100% meaning full light, and 0 % no light. For this it will be necessary to be able to control three different light-elements independently: 1. The general light for the orchestra. 2: A spot for piano 1. 3: A spot for the two loudspeakers (6, 7) in front of piano 1.”

Edition·S – music¬sound¬art is very excited about the premiere and Editor-in-chief Christine Canals-Frau will be present at the performance, where you can find flyers and USBs with more information about Rune.

Only a week after the premiere (October 12) Rune's works Dust Encapsulated #2 (2009) and Concerto for piano and orchestra (2010) will be performed at Festival Internazionale Di Musica Contemporanea in Venice, Italy by Ex Novo Ensemble and Radio-Sinfonieorchester Stuttgard des SWR.

Read more about Rune’s thoughts behind the work on Rune’s Blog here.