Excellent review of Rønsholdt’s Songs of Doubt CD

Review · The Danish newspaper Information calls Niels Rønsholdt’s new album “beautiful and innovative”

Niels Rønsholdt unfolds existential doubts and embeds human life in every single note on his new release,” a new review of Songs of Doubt – Niels Rønsholdt’s new album – reads in today’s edition of the Danish newspaper Information.

The reviewer adds: “Niels Rønsholdt is a wise composer who manages to transform his philosophical reflections into a music which is anything but forced.”

Songs of Doubt, an album containing Rønsholdt’s 2015 song cycle, was released on 3 June by Dacapo Records. The recording features Roderik Povel, Nathalie Forget and Studium Chorale, conducted by Hans Leenders.

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