FIGURA performs in Oslo

FIGURA Ensemble are on their way to Norway participating in the concert series POTETlyd at Ny Musikk in Oslo. In the morning on November 14 FIGURA gives an open rehearsal with Nicolai Worsaae’s new piece Wesenheit ab Wesenheit for clarinet, double bass, percussion and mezzo soprano, a piece which will have it’s first performance at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in England later this month.

The day after - November 15 - FIGURA makes a whole day appearance with both lunch and evening concerts featuring among others their composer in residence Steingrimur Rohloff with two pieces: Hit Upon for double bass and electronics and Not the Trout Quintet for clarinet, violin, viola, double bass and percussion. The latter will be a first performance.

FIGURA Ensemble at POTETlyd, Ny Musikk, Oslo

November 14 and 15

Photo: Mezzo Soprano Signe Asmussen and double bass player Jesper Egelund from FIGURA Ensemble