Flashback Friday August 16

This week Edition·S – music¬sound¬art composer Nicolai Worssae had some very good news delivered to him. He is going to be the official composer-in-residence with the Danish FIGURA Ensemble from now until 2015! He is not only going to compose music for them, he is also going to help out with the development of concert concepts. Congrats Nicolai! We look forward to some exciting new performances.

Speaking of exciting new performances – have you seen our Performance Calendar? It was just updated today with all of Simon Steen-Andersen’s performance. That man could fill up his very own performance calendar on our website! This autumn is not any different from any other seasons – except that each season he gets more and more performances – Simon is a very renowned composer. In October / November the (very) young guitarist Nico Couck from Antwerp in Belgium will go on tour with Simon’s in-side-out-side-in (2001) in the big US. Very exciting stuff! He will be visiting Dallas, Denton, San Francisco, Carlsbad, San Diego and Santa Barbara. So if you happen to be in that end of the world, swing by any of the performances.


So this week has pretty much been all about planning our autumn. We suggest that you do the same (check out our Performance Calendar, Soundcloud profile, Twitter account etc.), so you know when and where you need to be the coming months. 

Have a nice weekend!