Flashback Friday August 9

Welcome back from the summer holiday! Luckily for us, it still feels like summer in Copenhagen as we’re experiencing a heat wave. During the summer we have left out our weekly Flashback Fridays – but now we’re back stronger than ever. Speaking of being back stronger than ever. It seems like the composer collective DYGONG has risen from a deep sleep in order to invade the world – or at least Montenegro, for now. In this month’s Edition·S newsletter it was possible to follow their journey (almost) live. We corresponded with the four composers whilst they were waiting for the sun to set and the heat to settle. Read the entire article here.

Lots have happened since the last Flashback Friday post. One of the greater events was the Edition·S concert during the annual Copenhagen Jazz Festival in July, where audiences had the opportunity to experience Simon Steen-Andersen in a unique improv duo together with pianist Søren Kjærsgaard. We’ve uploaded some photos from the evening on our Flickr account – did you know we had a Flickr account?


Another great thing that happened in July was the premiere of Line Tjørnhøj’s Oration in the Big Apple! The Center for Contemporary Opera performed the chamber opera twice at the Cell Theater in New York. Congrats Line!

During the summer we visited the beautiful Hindsgavl Castle where the annual festival of the same name took place. What a peaceful place! Time seems to stand still while guests were enjoying the park, sea and concerts. Edition·S’ representative was lucky enough to experience Christian Winther Christensen playing with water to make sound in the interactive installation Sound Playground by James Brewster.

Before we went on holiday we had a little office summer party, so as a “see you next week” we give you this fine photo: