Flashback Friday February 1

This week at Edition·S – music¬sound¬art has been full of "hellos" and "goodbyes". We have officially said "hello" to our new CEO, Becky Dawson, who started her job today - even though she isn't actually physically present, she is with us in spirit (and on email We have also welcomed a new intern. Emilie Holst will be helping out with marketing & communications and teaching us all about the Chinese market. You can catch her on

Unfortunately we said "farewell" to composer Hanne Ørvad, who passed away after fighting the illness sclerosis for a long time. Rest in peace. We said "goodbye" to Carl-Albert, who has left his job here at Edition·S for a job in the "real" world... Good luck with that! 

In the past week we have been so lucky to have been invited to what us Danes call "Nytårskur" (New Year's Levee) at both Athelas and Wilhelm Hansen. Fun times with lots of music, wine and mingling. Kat Jarby was present at both events and took these wonderful photos:

Can you spot a composer?!

This weekend you can find us Edition·S people at the Copenhagen Winter Jazz where the cool Simon Christensen will perform a brand new piece! Very exciting! So please join us at 5e in Kødbyen tomorrow at 8 pm.

Next week, the third Edition·S newsletter will be sent out. We're very thrilled about this month's E·xclusive! And, we have a theme. Can you guess what it is? It's something to do with February and cold weather... that's all we're going to reveal! So if you haven't subscribed yet, do it here!

Have a cosy weekend!