Flashback Friday February 8

We began this week with some experimenting concerts. The first one was during the VinterJazz festival in Copenhagen, where Edition·S – music¬sound¬art was the curator of one concert out of three as part of the official ILK Music line-up. Saturday night Simon Christensen performed the brand new work Feed Lifting Sound together with the vocal duo LIFT. The concert was a great success and night was definitely a “Feed Lifting” experience.

Rudiger Meyer wrote about the concert:


Another concert was held on the same night in Gothenburg in Sweden, when the film festival Goteborg International Film Festival hosted a movie theatre concert with the Pearls Before Swine Experience and music by Edition·S composer Niels Rønsholdt.

Rønsholdt writes about the work: “Burning is a blues - a moment of melancholy written in music. It is a reflection on the peculiar fact that details of faces or moments that we passionately want to remember can disappear from our memory, like a blind spot in the eye after looking into sun. Musically, burning is built of different types of music that reoccur again and again, transformed and still the same, like a mind that circulates a painful thought: fights it off and lets it back in again and again.”

Monday we sent out the newsletter of February that was focusing on a winter theme. We also brought to you an extract from an E·xclusive interview with the composer collective {Pliiinggg…} that includes Christian Winther Christensen, Nicolai Worsaae and Rune Glerup – read the entire interview here. Our colleagues at SNYK has also been so kind to mention it in their newsletter as well as on their website (in Danish).

On Wednesday Becky Dawson joined the Edition·S office for the first time. She is now properly set up to all our systems and ready to take on any challenges that come to her. These first three days she has been very busy with meetings & greetings and getting to know the daily routine at the publishing house. She’ll be back in Copenhagen around February 20. And will make the big move to Denmark around the beginning of March.

As always, Simon Steen-Andersen is widely recognized and appreciated. It has just been announced that he is one of the winners of the Berlin Jubilee Foundation’s art award and had a standing ovation for his work Ouvertures at a concert in Aarhus with Aarhus Symphony Orchestra. Now the concert will be broadcasted in its entirety on the Danish radio P2 Tuesday February 12 at 7.30 pm. Seismograf attended the concert and reported afterwards:

“Steen-Andersen humbly accepted a standing ovation for his work Ouvertures, which is a vibrant contemporary music piece that for 14.30 minutes opens up for something we can reflect upon for a long time.” Read the entire review here (in Danish).

Listen to the concert here or on your radio.

We hope you’ll have a pleasant weekend!