Flashback Friday January 4


Welcome to the first Flashback Friday of 2013! Lots have happened since the last post. Our Christmas Calendar series ”The Composer of Christmas” came to an end – luckily with a happy ending (Alfie managed to find his special note!), we survived the End of the World, we celebrated Christmas and New Years Eve.

This week has been special at the Edition·S – music¬sound¬art office as well. In addition to jumping into the New Year, we have also announced some exciting news. The very talented English(wo)man Rebecca Dawson has filled the post as the new CEO of Edition·S. She will begin in early February after leaving her job at Oxford University Press. In addition to that, the French Christine Canals-Frau has been announced the Deputy Director. We look forward to an exciting year with lots of interesting projects in collaboration with the two women and of course our brilliant composers.


Yesterday our Performance Calendar was updated and is already full of exciting performances. So please take a look – we’ll update it continuously! And please let us know if you know anything about any performances involving our composers.

Just before Christmas SNYK Radio did a portrait on jazz musician and composer John Tchicai, who sadly passed away in the autumn of 2012. SNYK talks to guitarist Pierre Dørge and saxophonist Lotte Anker who both have worked with Tchicai. A very personal and beautiful portrait! So have a listen here.


You can look forward to next week when the second edition of our brand new newsletter will be sent out! So if you want to keep updated on the latest Edition·S news, please sign up here. This month we’ll present a Spotify Playlist full of music that our composers are inspired by.


Have a nice weekend! See you next Friday.