Flashback Friday November 16

This Flashback is short but sweet. Our week in Edition·S–music¬sound¬art-land has been concurred by the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. The week has been devoted to the final preparations for the festival. That includes programme reading, ticket ordering and suitcase packing. And right about now we are (more) than ready to take-off.

Read more about our excitements here

One great performance reached us last Saturday when Essener Philarmoniker in Germany performed Simon Steen-Andersen’s piece Double Up. You can read much more about Simon’s performances during this autumn right here.

And remember that you are always more than welcome to explore our sounds on our Soundcloud profile. Listen to Simon’s Double Up here.

If you unable to swing by HCMF we will post and tweet to give you a piece of the cookie. We hope that you will join the conversations. And of course all of it will be summed up in next week’s Flashback Friday.

Have a great weekend!