Flashback Friday November 9

It’s the end of the week and therefore time for our weekly flashback. As one of our highlights was of cause the performance of Being Apu Sakar by Edition·S–music¬sound¬art’s own Christian Winther Christensen together with phenomenal percussionist Ying Hsueh-Chen at the final party for Wundergrund Festival. Ying also performed two of John Cage’s works – with a stirringly perfection in her execution in both Water walk and Child of trees.  

You can read about the performances in the article “Krads din kaktus - spis din sild” (red. “Scratch your cactus - eat your herring”) brought in the Danish newspaper Politiken last Monday.

The evening was certainly a feast for the ears, the eyes and the stomach.   

Mono Duo in Copenhagen performed Tuesday Simon Christensen’s brand new piece Monody. We enjoyed the performance and took a picture of the setup, which is a wonderful mix of notations, acoustics and electronics. 

Yesterday no less than three of Simon Steen-Andersen’s pieces was performed at NOVEMBER MUSIC by Ensemble Asamisimasa in the Netherlands. And talking about Simon our thoughts wanders towards a certain upcoming festival. If you are in any doubt, we are of cause referring to the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.   

This week was the week when the office started the BIG countdown for HCMF. We are all very excited - kind of like being a city-pigeon with a French-fry – and can’t wait for next Friday’s take-off. Read more about it here.

Have a great weekend! – and please do drop by and tweet us your thoughts on music, art or French-fries.