Flashback Friday October 12

For this week’s flashback shakedown we got a lot of premium things on the programme. First of all you should get a copy of today’s Danish newspaper Politiken and read the interview with Rune Glerup “Concert For Man And Machine”. In this interview Rune compares the feeling of being a composer at IRCAM to the feeling of being a child in a candy shop. He talks about how you in music orchestrate with both man and machine.

"It adds a completely new dimension to the music. The music couldn't possibly sound like this acoustically."


Read it here.

And on top of all this, Rune’s piece Concerto for piano and orchestra (2010) will be performed by Radio-Sinfonieorchestra Stuttgard des SWR tonight at the Biennale Musica.

Of particular interest this week is the announcement of the fact that in the future you will be able to enjoy the divine adventures of an opera straight from your pocket. The artist duo Klejs & Rønsholdt collaborates with the prestigious Royal House in London to make an opera-app for your Smartphone and tablet. Read more about this great concept here.

Another highlight of the week is “Nordic Music Days”. We have sent our Project Manager Kat Jarby on the road and she is enjoying Stockholm in every breath. Make sure to follow her on Twitter or catch her in real life for an update and a talk. So far, Nicolai Worsaae and the duo Klejs & Rønsholdt have been great successes!


Although this week has been filled with exciting things we can not go by without sending our thoughts to the legendary jazz saxophonist and composer John Tchicai who passed away Monday after months of fighting a stroke. May his tunes live on.

So, today is Friday and if you happen to be in the Danish capital Copenhagen with your eyes and ears open, you may have noticed the spectacle. Tonight the city transforms to a fantasia where everyone is invited to go on adventures and explore the city. “Musikkens Hus” (House of Music) will open the doors and offer you a little something special to stimulate your eyes, ears and thirst.

Swing by Gråbrødretorv 16 and follow the signs.

And tomorrow morning when you enjoy your Saturday breakfast take a look at Wundergrund’s freshly released programme here.

Have a great weekend!