Flashback Friday September 21

Welcome back for the second edition of Flashback Friday. This week #Score of the week” was Kuanos by Edition·S–music¬sound¬art’s own Morten Olsen. The premiere was performed by the Danish Quartet “Affetto”, which is an Italian expression for “lively” and “passion”. “Affetto” won the title as quartet of the year at the Hvide Sande Masterclass – congratulation to “Affetto” for the beautiful title and to Morten Olsen for the beautiful work.

As you may remember, Edition·S had seven composers on the Suså Festival programme primo August and in connection to that the Danish online music magazine made a reportage covering the performances. The reportage gives you a good idea of what this year’s festival was about and an opportunity to reminisce.  

You can read the article here

In the past week at the Edition·S office in Copenhagen we have been working on the preparations for Rune Glerup’s premiere of the piece Examples of Dust, which will be performed October 4 by the prestigious Ensemble Intercontemporain at Center Pompidou in Paris. We are very much looking forward to this performance; so stay tuned because there is more to come about Glerup and his piece.

Glerup shared some of his thoughts in a blog – read it here

Meanwhile Edition·S intern Finnur is working with the notation programme Finale while listening to music. Finnur is from a small town named Kópavogur in Iceland and moved to Reykavik when he started studying at the Iceland Academy of Fine Arts where he graduated last spring. He is now living in Copenhagen and is part of the Edition·S team.
Please do say “hey” if you see him wandering around the streets of Copenhagen.

Last but not least - here at Edition·S we are currently working on the development of a newsletter for all of you. This Wednesday we put the computers on sleep mode in order to awaken our creative minds for a brainstorm. We asked ourselves “What would I like to read in a newsletter?” and maybe this is more of a question for you! What would you like Edition·S’ newsletter to include?

Send us an email to:  sandraborch@edition–

As you can tell we are very much on the run and we will be running around during the weekend as well. Among our plans for the weekend is The Festival of Endless Gratitude where you are guaranteed a good listening experience. We hope to run into you!

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